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Is Your Tinder Date MateSafe?

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Billboards have been springing up in Los Angeles, showing the importance of making sure your date is STD free. They show silhouettes with names of dating sites that are known for being good for quick hook ups, as well a sthe names of STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea. With the state of dating and hooking up today, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your date is MateSafe! People these days have casual sex more easily than they used to in days past, which means it’s possible to get STDs more easily, especially if you’re not careful.

While we understand and appreciate the vigorous objections that some dating sites have voiced against these kinds of ads, and we do not believe scaring the public serves the public interest, we are sensitive to the fact that many people using dating sites to meet people for romance, relationships or more casual arrangements are interested in playing things as safely as possible. That’s why MateSafe is a useful part of a more comprehensive set of lifestyle choices, designed to allow everyone to enjoy the company of others with as much confidence as modern science allows.

MateSafe is a great tool to use for casual dates that you find on Tinder or Grindr, based on your sexual preference. Become a MateSafe dating enthusiast with certified lab results available for your prospective companions to examine at their leisure. If you happen to get a positive result on your MateSafe test, you will be contacted confidentially and the results won’t be published anywhere to protect your privacy. Share your results page with your potential date via e-mail or text them your unique verification code. That way, you and your partner(s) can get all the awkward conversations out of the way without any obstacles to having an amazing first date!

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