How It Works

How MateSafe Works

Trying to find an intriguing person to go out on a date with used to be the hardest part of finding romance. However, in the modern world, largely thanks to the rapid proliferation of online dating sites, it is now easier than ever to find people who deserve your attention and affection. While being able to date someone new as often as you like is a ‘good problem to have,’ it also brings some important health and safety questions into focus. MateSafe answers some of the most important health questions about your next date for you, and we do so in a discreet way that allows you to avoid having “the awkward discussion” on your first date.

Many people make statements about their health without ever being tested. Whether they so do knowingly to hide pertinent facts or unknowingly, the risk of permanent damage to your health remains the same. MateSafe provides peace of mind by empowering you see the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) / Sextually Transmitted Infection (STI) results of their verified lab certified test for free.

The lab you choose will send us the results and we will place them in your profile. If your test shows positive results that require a consult, we will contact you privately. If your test is negative or positive,  we will post your results on your private profile page. At that time, you may view, share, and or delete.

A SAMPLE report page is shown below so that you can see what your lab results page will look like. Bear in mind that this is a sample page and does not include any real health data. Your own report will include real lab results and will be kept private. MateSafe will then generate a simple certification that you can make available to others by giving people your unique authorization code. That way, you can demonstrate you have a verified test available with MateSafe and maintain your own privacy at the same time.

Please contact us at any time if you have any questions about the process/