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If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to email us at help@MateSafe.com


Does MateSafe guarantee safe physical relations?

Absolutely not. MateSafe is not an excuse for irresponsible behavior. Safety measures should always be taken when engaging in any type of sexual behavior. To this day, a properly-fitted latex condom is the best protection against sexually transmitted infections or diseases.


How long is my test good for?

You are only as good as your last test. Any time you engage in risky sexual behavior, your previous test is essentially worthless. A MateSafe verification is not an excuse to put your health at risk or the health of someone else. MateSafe’s mission is for people to be more responsible with their health and the people they interact with.


Why should I get a MateSafe?

A MateSafe Verification separates you from other potential dating candidates. It shows a level of personal responsibility that raises the bar on all personal relationships. It forces others to respect your health and consequently theirs. If we were all MateSafe, we would stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.


Do I have to use a MateSafe doctor?

No. You may use your own physician and/or clinic as long as you complete a records request form. You can access this request form from your personal MateSafe Profile page on our secure website. This form allows MateSafe to request your test results from your testing physician’s office. We charge an additional $20 fee for requesting records (subject to change). MateSafe will honor any testing done within 45 days. When you purchase a MateSafe membership package,MateSafe will post your test results on your profile in your personal back office. You will be responsible for sharing the results with your potential mate(s).


How often should I get tested?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), homosexual males should be tested 5-7 times a year. Active heterosexuals should be tested 2-4 times a year. Remember, you are only as good as your last test. MateSafe’s objective is for everyone to actively engage in their health care.


Does MateSafe have a lab near me?

We have partnered with over 3,500 laboratory facilities. MateSafe can assist you in locating a participating facility near you. Once you become a MateSafe member, click on the “get tested” tab on the MateSafe website. When you type in your zip code, our secure website will find the closest participating laboratory.


How long does it take to get set up and tested?

You can get tested the same day you sign up as MateSafe member. The lab will send us the results in approximately three days. MateSafe will post your results in your back office and you will be able to share your results across all dating platforms via our mobile application (“app”) or our MateSafe.com secure website.


How do I share my results?

MateSafe has a secure and unique system that allows users to share their data across devices via a one-time-use PIN. Prospective dates enter their PIN and an email containing the most current test data is sent to them.


Does MateSafe share my information?

MateSafe never shares your test information with any third party. Your information belongs to you and only you can share it. MateSafe takes your privacy very seriously and is in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


I feel healthy, so why should I get tested?

A serious medical condition such as heart disease, prostate cancer or diabetes can exist without noticeable symptoms for up to two years. The same goes for sexually transmitted infections, which don’t have to manifest themselves for years. Early detection is your best defense. A simple blood test can increase your chances of reversing potential problems and establish a baseline of your normal ranges from which future tests can be monitored.


What should I do if I can’t find the test I’m looking for?

We have access to thousands of tests, some of which are not on our website. If you are interested in a particular test but can’t find it on our website, please call us at (404) 590-1258 and we will be happy to discuss the availability of the test.


Do I need to see my healthcare provider to get tested?

Direct access testing allows greater participation in one’s own healthcare. Yes, your healthcare provider can refer you to a walk-in lab, but it’s not a requirement. Walk-in labs use the same equipment as healthcare providers and hospitals, which are all CLIA-certified and regulated by appropriate government agencies.


What is the testing procedure?

First, you order your test online or by telephone. You then print your requisition form, which you must have with you when you go to the patient service center for your blood draw. The lab will not draw your blood without the requisition.There, your blood is drawn by a certified phlebotomist. Our office receives the results within 24 – 48 hours and then uploads them to your secure online account.


Is my order secure?

You can shop at MateSafe.com online with confidence. We have partnered with Stripe, a leading payment gateway to offer safe and secure credit and debit card transactions for our customers.


What is a patient service center?

Patient service centers are certified laboratories where patients have their blood drawn. These centers are staffed by licensed phlebotomists and are the same facilities referred to by healthcare providers.


Is there a location near me?

MateSafe.com uses quest diagnostics instead of a country wide medical reference laboratory.A patient service center is most likely located in your area.


Do I need an appointment?

An appointment is usually not required at most patient service centers. We encourage our customers to call their chosen lab to confirm that an appointment is not required.


Should I fast before taking a the test?

It depends on the test. It is recommended that you avoid food and liquids for a minimum of 10 hours before getting tested for glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Water or black coffee is permitted during fast. If fasting is required for your test, it will be noted in the “Additional Information” box on your requisition.


How reliable are the results?

We use the leading national laboratories, which are fully accredited, licensed medical reference labs. These are the same labs your healthcare provider uses.


Are my results available online?

Yes, your results will be uploaded to your secure online account within 24-48 hours* of your blood draw. If you would like a copy sent via mail, let us know.

* The results are generally released within 24-48 hours. Some tests must be sent out and those results may take up to 7 days to be released.


Are my results confidential?

Absolutely. We respect your privacy and maintain full confidentiality. You are the only one who receives the results unless you specify otherwise. Not even your insurance company will obtain your results from a quest diagnostics lab and/or its associates.


When will I receive the results?

You can expect to receive the results for most tests within 24 – 48 hours after your blood is drawn. You will receive an email when your results have been uploaded to your secure online account. You can then login to your account to view and/or print your results.


What if I receive an abnormal result?

Abnormalities should be considered an early warning but do not necessarily mean you have an illness or disease. We strongly recommend you discuss the results with your healthcare provider for evaluation, further testing, and diagnosis.


Will I be able to understand the results?

Yes. All the test results include the normal reference ranges, with abnormalities indicated. We recommend you seek a healthcare provider to discuss results outside normal ranges. For a detailed explanation of tests, valuable resources can be found online.


What if I have questions about the results?

Questions regarding abnormal results should be discussed with your healthcare provider. For general questions, you may call or write MateSafe.


Will my healthcare provider receive a copy of my results?

We deal directly and confidentially with you and send the results to you. We can send a copy of your results to your healthcare provider only with a signed HIPAA release form.


Does Medicare cover this?

Medicare only reimburses the laboratory that performs the analysis. Medicare patients must have a doctor’s order by a physician with a Medicare number and acceptable diagnostic code.


Is this covered by my insurance?

Walk-in labs do not file insurance claims. Some insurance plans have a wellness or prevention benefit. Contact your carrier for that information. We can provide CPT codes so you may file for reimbursement.


Can I cancel my order?

After an order has been processed, you may cancel prior to the blood draw with a refund equal to the price of the test minus the $20 cancellation fee. This applies only if you cancel your order within three (3) months from the date of order. There is no cancellation refund after three months.