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Charlie Sheen Illustrates Need For Trustworthy STD Reporting

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Charlie Sheen recently came out of the pozcloset and disclosed his HIV status to the world, which is great because it shows that celebrities are regular people and that they get STDs too. He says he has been HIV positive for the past 4 years, claiming that he couldn’t have unwittingly passed the virus on to anyone else because his sexual partners were informed about his HIV status prior to engaging in any type of sexual behavior.

Sheen went public with his diagnosis because some of his associates had been allegedly black mailing him.Over the past 4 years, Charlie claims to have spent around $10 million to keep them quiet. Given Charlie’s past outrageous behavior, some people assumed he got the virus from using infected needles, but Charlie says that couldn’t possibly be the case. Charlie did a good thing by coming forward because he wants to reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, which is no longer an immediate death sentence and can be managed with drugs.

However, Charlie’s situation does illustrate the need for a service like MateSafe. His ex-girlfriend, former pornstar Bree Olson, talked to the media, claiming that Charlie had not told her about his status. She was furious because she allegedly had to find out about it through the media like everyone else. “I could literally be dead right now,” Bree told one interviewer. One of Charlie’s reps says Sheen didn’t know about his HIV status when he was with Olson in 2011, but if you do the math, it’s possible that he was infected when he was with her.Luckily, Olson got tested and she isn’t HIV positive.However, if Charlie Sheen and Bree Olson used MateSafe, they would have shared this information with each other discreetly- and much sooner.

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