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MateSafe is a health outreach organization with a mission to help educate, protect, and inform the public about the importance of safe sex practices. MateSafe.com has quickly become a very popular online portal for dating enthusiasts, singles, and polyamorous couples seeking the highest  possible level of certainty when trying to determine if a potentially intimate relationship is one that can be pursued with the peace of mind that comes from knowing each participant is free of sexually transmitted disease/sexually transmitted infections (STDs/STIs) and other communicable ailments that may be passed from one partner to another during sexual activity.

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Many people make statements about their sexual health without ever getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), also known as sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Whether you think there’s no way that you have an STD or are afraid to find out the truth, the risk of permanent damage to your health remains the same. MateSafe provides peace of mind by empowering you to take full control of your sexual health and verify your potential partner(s) STD status for free. When you join MateSafe you will also be able to find an affiliated lab in your area so that you can get yourself tested and provide that same peace of mind to your potential mates.

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MateSafe In The News

KHOU 11 recently produced a feature news story about MateSafe and our efforts to not only help educate and inform the general public on safe sex practices but also to encourage individuals to get tested for STDs, which will undoubtedly improve the health of millions of people worldwide. Check outthe video below to learn more […]

charlie sheen pimp

Charlie Sheen Illustrates Need For Trustworthy STD Reporting

Charlie Sheen recently came out of the pozcloset and disclosed his HIV status to the world, which is great because it shows that celebrities are regular people and that they get STDs too. He says he has been HIV positive for the past 4 years, claiming that he couldn’t have unwittingly passed the virus on […]


11% Americans Think HTML Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease

Have you ever wondered just how badly misinformed Americans are about sexual health? Well, according to Time Magazine, 11% of Americans think HTML is a sexually transmitted disease. Their article relies heavily on data originally gathered by VoucherCloud, which has also been shared by the LA Times and other major news outlets. The article goes […]

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