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Your health matters, and so does the health of your partners.
Now, thanks to MateSafe you can protect yourself and share information discreetly.

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How MateSafe Keeps You Safe:

Many people make statements about their health without ever being tested. Whether they do so knowingly to hide pertinent facts or unknowingly, the risk of permanent damage to your health remains the same. MateSafe provides peace of mind by empowering you to see the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) / Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) results from their independently  verified lab test for free. You may also register your own MateSafe account to find an affiliated lab in your area so that you can get yourself tested and provide that same peace of mind to your own potential mates.

MateSafe News


MateSafe In The News

KHOU 11 recently produced a feature news story about MateSafe and the work we do. We appreciate the work they are doing to help educate the public and spotlight our efforts to improve the health security of people globally.Read More


Charlie Sheen Illustrates Need for Trustworthy STD Reporting

However, Charlie's situation does illustrate the need for a service like Mate Safe. His ex girlfriend, former pornstar Bree Olson, came out to the media, furious that Charlie had allegedly not told her about his status and she had to find out about it through the media like everyone else. "I could literally be dead right now," Bree told one interviewer. One of Charlie's reps says Sheen didn't know about his HIV status when he was with Olson in 2011, but it's possible that he was still infected when he was with her, since it was within the last 4 years. Luckily, Olson isn't HIV positive from the experience. However, if she had just used Mate Safe with Charlie, she wouldn't have had to wonder! Read More


11% of Americans Think HTML Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease

Just how badly misinformed are many people about sexual health? Well, according to Time Magazine 11% of Americans Think HTML Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease. While these misunderstandings and miscommunications may seem funny at first, when you view them in their totality against the backdrop of human health and safety it becomes a far more chilling feeling that MateSafe seeks to alleviate.Read More


John Oliver's Important Safe Sex Video

The crucial point that John Oliver makes with aplomb is that people do have sex, will continue to have sex, and need to know factual scientific information about themselves and their potential partners in order to make important decisions about their own health and social interactions. We appreciate the work Mr. Oliver has done, and we applaud his rational, logic-based approach to educating the public about a matter that will not simply disappear if we pretend it will go away on its own. Read More


Is Your Tinder Date MateSafe?

Mate Safe is a great tool to use for casual dates that you find on Tinder or Grindr, based on your sexual preference. Just get tested with a lab that is affiliated with Mate Safe.If you happen to get a positive result on your Mate Safe test, someone will contact you confidentially, and the results won't get posted on your page. Otherwise, as long as your test shows all clear, once your results are posted, just share your results page with your potential date via e-mail. That way, you can get all of that awkward conversation out of the way and not even have to think about having a weird conversation. You can feel free to simply get down to business when the time comes to get hot and heavy.Read More

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