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Verified Test Results

Your health matters, and so does the health of your sexual partners.
Now, thanks to MateSafe you can protect yourself and share information discreetly.

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Matesafe std test verification


How MateSafe Keeps You Safe:

Many people make statements about their health without ever being tested. Whether they do so knowingly to hide pertinent facts or unknowingly, the risk of permanent damage to your health remains the same. MateSafe provides peace of mind by empowering you to see the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) / Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) results from their independently  verified lab test for free. You may also register your own MateSafe account to find an affiliated lab in your area so that you can get yourself tested and provide that same peace of mind to your own potential mates.

MateSafe News


11% of Americans Think HTML Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease

Just how badly misinformed are many people about sexual health? Well, according to Time Magazine 11% of Americans Think HTML Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease. While these misunderstandings and miscommunications may seem funny at first, when you view them in their totality against the backdrop of human health and safety it becomes a far more chilling feeling that MateSafe seeks to alleviate. READ MORE

John Oliver Sex Ed

John Oliver’s Important Safe Sex Video

The crucial point that John Oliver makes with aplomb is that people do have sex, will continue to have sex, and need to know factual scientific information about themselves and their potential partners in order to make important decisions about their own health and social interactions. We appreciate the work Mr. Oliver has done, and we applaud his rational, logic-based approach to educating the public about a matter that will not simply disappear if we pretend it will go away on its own. READ MORE

HIPAA Compliant

Mate Safe Is HIPAA Compliant

When you sign your HIPAA Compliant Disclosure Form as part of the Mate Safe signup process you are agreeing to allow anyone with your unique certification code to access your validated MateSafe reporting health test results. This is the most discreet way to protect your privacy while also presenting your dates and potential mates with a simple way to access verifiable test results from a local accredited lab, clinic or testing facility. READ MORE

STD Tests Without Excuses

Why “I’m Sure It’s Fine” Isn’t A Satisfactory Answer

Getting tested allows you and your Doctor to treat any ailments quickly, provides the best possible prognosis for your long term health and enables you to have the peace of mind that only a 'clean' test provides. Getting tested in conjunction with your account allows you to extend that peace of mind to the people you meet online or offline by making the success of your recent STD test available to them in a discreet, anonymous and secure way. READ MORE